Weather / Shaped Louvres

The Nationwide Louvre Company offer a full range of Specialist Louvre shapes.

Including ellipse shape louvres, diamond shaped louvres, triangular louvres, arched louvres and louvres with cut outs, specialist louvre shapes are available to order, whatever your specification we can design and build to your requirements.

Nationwide Louvre Company construct our louvres entirely from high quality HETF aluminium extrusions, fabricated and tig welded for strength of construction and manufactured to suit varying depths and applications with blade sizea of 34mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm.

Louvres are not manufactured to a standard size, any panel size can be created by joining individual panel modules and then finishing with a full range of polyester powder coatings colours which are suitable for external mounting.

These are applied with a Aluchrome pre-treatment to give a guaranteed life expectancy of 10 years of semi-gloss applications and 12 years for gloss applications. Other PVF2d Syntha Pulvin are available at varying costs. Louvres can be fixed using various fixing methods, for specific details or a free quote please call us on 01922 457 204.

  • Rectangular louvres
  • Louvre doors
  • Louvred plant screens
  • Screening Louvres
  • Triangular louvres
  • Accoustic louvres
  • Special shape louvres
  • Circular louvres
  • Louvred double doors
  • Louvred penthouses
  • Non vision louvres
  • Double bank louvres
  • Triple bank louvres
  • Solar shading
  • Arched louvres
  • Motorised louvres
  • Security louvres

louvre_louver_enclosure_imperial_college_02Louvre Efficiency

Louvres have been tested in accordance with the HEVAC Technical Specification Edition 5 1996. Water rejection rates against simulated rain and varying simulated intake core relocation are available upon request.

External Weather Louvres

Five standard blade sizes:

  • 34mm blade – smaller louvres
  • 50mm blade – medium louvre
  • 75mm blade – large louvre
  • 100mm blade – screening louvre
  • 100mm blade perforated – car park louvre
  • 150mm blade – architectural louvres


  • Standard – extruded aluminium
  • Alternative – mild steel (fully welded)
  • Alternative – Plastisol (plastic coated)
  • Alternative – Stainless steel


  • Milled aluminium (self colour)
  • Polyester powder coated to any standard RAL or BS 4000 colour and gloss level
  • Syntha pulvin application
  • PVF2 colours
  • Anodised finishes


  • Surface flange frame
  • Recessed frame
  • Reversed frame

Rear Equipment:

  • Standard 12×12 birdmesh
  • Insect mesh
  • Blanking plate
  • Insulated blanking plates
  • Manual dampers
  • Motorised dampers
  • Fire / Smoke dampers
  • Acoustic attenuators

Nationwide Louvre Company the experts for high quality louvre systems.