Horizontal Brise Soleil – New Business Park in Coventry

Horizontal Brise Soleil with Stainless Steel Feature Wires – Prologis Business Park, Coventry

The project shown below consisted of NLC’s horizontal Brise Soleil panels fixed to primary support bracketry which is mostly hidden behind the cladding. Vertical stainless steel feature wires were used to join the ground floor brise soleil to the first floor brise soleil.

Brise Soleil – St Georges School, Gravesend

Vertical Brise Soleil Blades – St Georges School

NLC’s latest project came in the form of our 300mm elliptical blade system being used vertically with each blade being individually fixed to horizontal linear rail supports. There were 6 separate runs on this particular project all varying in length with the biggest run being 25 meters long. The large blades provided excellent shading results for the classrooms on the ground floor and first floor of this modular building. On completion the customer was so pleased that the planned extension was brought forward and work started immediately.

Vertical Aluminium Brise Soleil – Residential Development, Shepherd’s Bush

Vertical Aluminium Solar Shading

The images below show a project NLC has recently completed on a luxury residential apartment complex in Shepherds bush.
These vertical aluminium solar shading panels were fabricated using our SOL300 elliptical blades. The blade pitch was originally set at 45 degrees however these particular blades were fitted using a rotating socket allowing for up to 90 degrees rotating meaning the residents can rotate the blades to follow the sun throughout the day to keep solar gain to a minimum and block the windows for privacy.

Brise Soleil – Etonbury Academy

Aluminium Brise Soleil – Etonbury Academy

NLC has recently supplied and installed a number of horizontal brise soleil to a new academy in Etonbury. These panels were fabricated using our aluminium SOL120 elliptical blades to ensure maximum performance and strength.

Brise Soleil – New Residential Property, Cambridge

Brise Soleil w/ Stainless Steel Support Bracing

NLC recently supplied and installed of 3 No. runs of horizontal brise soleil to a residential property in Caldecote. Each run was also fitted with a diagonal support bracing system due to the panel projection being over 1200mm from the face of the building.

Vertical & Horizontal Timber Brise Soleil – Manchester

Western Red Cedar – Elliptical Blade Brise Soleil

With this particular project NLC were asked to design both vertical and horizontal Brise Soleil. Due to the size of the window and shading requirements the vertical panel was designed in a way in which was able to support the central two horizontal panels on the first floor run of shading. This enabled the shading system to be as effective as possible by completely shading a large portion of the first floor windows. The primary brackets were fixed directly onto the face of the brickwork with secondary supports coming off those for the horizontal brise soleil; and a box section frame for the vertical panel.

Aluminium Solar Shading – Somerhill School, Tonbridge

Aluminium Solar Shading – Somerhill School

On the Somerhill School project Nationwide Louvre Company designed various shading panels to suit the requirement of each location on the building. As shown on the images there were multiple fixing methods used and also different types of panels. The two large triangular panels and the small square panel between them were fabricated using aluminium box section frames complete with bird-beak brackets and 120mm elliptical blades. The panels in the long run down the side of the building were manufactured using laser cut 5mm thick side frames with 120mm elliptical blades screwed to them from either end, supported by vertical box section posts. Horizontal Brise Soleil panels were used above the entrance and reception window and these were fabricated in the same way with the 5mm thick side frames. The small panel into the opening at floor level were also fabricated with 5mm thick side frames and it was fixed directly to the brickwork through both frames.

Vertical & Horizontal Solar Shading – Culford Art School

Architectural Solar Shading – Culford Art School

The images below show one of NLC’s architectural shading systems which uses the contrast of light coloured Siberian Larch blades with dark powder coated aluminium frames & brackets. Due to the weight of the Larch the panels they were split into small sections which bolted to various support brackets off the curtain walling but once installed it gave the appearance of continuous panels. The horizontal panels were supported of the base of the of the vertical panels as there were no structural supports above the doorway. All the framework and bracketry were polyester powder coated aluminium to match the cladding surrounding the glazing.

Brise Soleil – New Car Showroom, Liverpool

Vertical Brise Soleil – Vauxhall Car Showroom

The below project which was installed in April 2019 is a small but effective continuous run of Brise Soleil complete with a fully welded corner section. As well as shading the large windows to the front of the showroom the Brise Soleil also acted as a nice subtle feature as it was powder coated to match the colour of the cladding.

Cedar Solar Shading – Peter O’Sullevan House, Newmarket, Suffolk

This project recently fabricated & installed by Nationwide Louvre Company consisted of timber Solar Shading panels but with two variations of how the shading system can work. Some of the panels were manufactured with the blades running horizontally and some were made with the blades spanning vertically due to the position of the windows and fixing methods. Each provided optimal shading for the windows.