Louvre Screen – Silverstone Innovation Centre

NLC supplied and installed the Louvre Screen shown below for the Innovation Centre at Silverstone.

100mm Z profile Louvre Screen blades were used for this screen fixed back to steelwork (not provided by NLC) via mullions and slotted fixing cleats.

All materials are finished in 9006 polyester powder coating.

Aluminium Louvre Screen – Bombay Saphire

Nationwide Louvre Company recently supplied and installed this Aluminium louvre for Bombay Sapphire’s new Creators Lab.
This screen was fabricated using our NLC-EL75mm louvre blades and allows for 50% free area. The screen also features a double louvred door (opening inwards) to allow access.
All materials were finished in polyester powder coating RAL 5004 Semi-Gloss.

Triangular Brise Soleil – Residential, Winchester

NLC recently supplied and installed this triangular solar shading panel for a residential property in Winchester. This large solar shading panel features our 150mm elliptical blade attached via birdbeak brackets to a welded box section frame. All components were polyester powder coated 7021 Matt at the customers request.

Residential Property – Solar Shading – Sidmouth

Nationwide Louvre Company recently supplied and installed this run of horizontal solar shading to a residential property in Sidmouth.

The solar shading was fabricated using our SOL 150-E elliptical blades and a fully welded external corner allowing the panels to flow seamlessly around the building.
As usual all components were polyester powder coated to our customers specifications.

Vertical Brise Soleil Panels and Louvred Bin Store – Oxfordshire

Vertical Brise Soleil – Chinnor, Oxfordshire

NLC supplied and installed the Louvre Screen and Brise Soleil shown below at The Sanderum Centre in Oxfordshire. The Brise Soleil brackets were installed directly onto the face of the window frames so that panels came down vertically approximately 200mm in front of the window ( to allow for cleaning ). The shading was designed to wrap around all three sizes of the glazed entrance area with the use of compound mitred blades with welded corners. EL100GG-Z Louvre Screen blades were used for the bin store screen and they were fixed back to a box section support frame via. mullions and slotted fixings cleats. All louvre screen components including the box section support frame were fabricated and installed by NLC.

Brise Soleil – Office Development, Great Yarmouth

Solar Shading – Great Yarmouth

The solar shading on this project provided reduction in solar gain for two new office buildings in Great Yarmouth. The two buildings had shading on both the ground and first floor. 120mm elliptical aluminium blades were used on this project and the panels were supported by 10mm thick aluminium brackets that were fixed the support steelwork prior to installation of cladding. The cladding contractor then profiled around the fins of the primary brackets and NLC returned at a later date to install the panels. Cover plates were supplied with the panels to cover the cut in the cladding and to ensure a clean finish around the bracket fins.

Vertical Tapering Head Brise Soleil – Southampton

Tapering Solar Shading – Southampton

The project shown in the images below is one of Nationwide Louvre Companies latest projects. Two vertical brise soleil panels that contain a series of elliptical blades that step down equal amounts each time to follow the line of a roof.  The blades are supported by two horizontal box section rails that were pre-loaded with fixed angle brackets at Nationwide Louvre Companies factory. The Brise Soleil blades were supplied with laser profiled end caps which were polyester powder coated to match the blades and supports.