Arched Top Solar Shading – New School, Lincoln

Vertical Solar Shading

NLC recently installed this vertical brise soleil to a school in Lincoln. Vertical box section support posts held the 300mm elliptical blades in position at a 30 degree angle.

Continuous Timber Brise Soleil – Residential Project

Continuous Timber Brise Soleil

NLC’s most recent brise soleil project consisted of the 120mm timber blade system shaped to match the profile of the aluminium 120mm elliptical blade. The timber blades are fixed to powder coated aluminium side frames and held in place by aluminium brackets hidden behind the cladding.

Solar Control Louvres

Horizontal Brise Soleil Complete With Welded Corner

This brise soleil project had four identical buildings each with a run of solar shading including a welded corner.

Brise Soleil – Brand New Leisure Centre

Vertical Brise Soleil

This project was completed by NLC at a leisure centre in Eley. This particular system consisted of 3 elevations with our 120mm elliptical blades split into bays along the front of the building in between the drainpipes. Two welded corner sections joined the main elevation to the side elevations to give a continuous appearance.